The world of Uriage

Since its creation in 1992, the Uriage brand has been meeting the needs of sensitive skin thanks to its internationally renowned dermatological expertise.

Daily or seasonal, moisturizing, anti-aging or repairing, each product reproduces the outstanding benefits of Uriage Thermal Water regardless of age and skin concern.

Discover the history of its products, from the discovery of the spring to the most advanced technical developments.
Uriage is an exceptional brand. This is its universe.

As early as Antiquity, the Romans discovered the benefits of Uriage Thermal Water.

After the invasion of Gaul, the Romans stopped on their journey over the Alps and found a spring in the foothills of the Belledonne mountains. They realized that this water had healing properties and decided to build the first thermal center there.

Relics discovered close to the spring are evidence of this centuries-old thermal tradition.


Creation of a Roman province, the Alps Pennines.

The Thermal Center has been helping to treat patients affected with skin diseases for almost 2 centuries.

Long before a Thermal Center was created, the inhabitants enjoyed the benefits of this miraculous spring.

From 1823, the Marquise de Gautheron, owner of the Uriage château, had the first thermal center built on her land.

Subsequently, the Academy of Medicine recognized the unique properties of Uriage Thermal Water after observing the benefits obtained following a treatment program and conducting scientific studies.

In the 1920s, Uriage becomes a fashionable listed thermal spa town like the first center at Dauphiné. Numerous celebrities come to stay at Uriage including Edmond Rostand, Coco Chanel and even Colette.

Uriage les bains

Construction of the Thermal Center over the ancient Roman baths.


Recognized as being of public interest by the Academy of Medicine.


Uriage-les-Bains transforms into a fashionable thermal center, frequented by all of Europe's elite society.

Guardian of a unique active ingredient, Uriage enables everyone to benefit from the dermatological virtues of its Thermal Water, which is the essential active ingredient in all its skincare.

A series of new products under the Uriage brand name are created and meet with strong approval from dermatologists.

The Uriage brand subsequently acquires the status of Dermatological Laboratory.

For increased efficacy, the production facility is located at the spring, enabling every step of the manufacturing process to be continuously controlled. This facility adheres to the exacting standards of the pharmaceutical industry.

The Uriage Dermatological Laboratories have their own logistics base and a new packaging facility.


Creation of the Uriage brand and the first dermo-cosmetic skincare based on Thermal Water.


Opening of the production facility at the site of the spring.


Dermatological Laboratories 100% integrated.

Uriage is one of the leading dermo-cosmetic brands on the international market. Every day, thousands of products are shipped in France and over 70 countries worldwide.


With 20 years of skin expertise, Uriage Dermatological Laboratories develop products in collaboration with dermatologists and pharmacists from all over the world. The products are subject to clinical testing which support each of their claims.


All skincare products are formulated according to a strict charter which adheres to pharmaceutical standards. The formulas are hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic, paraben-free, and with a minimum concentration of preservatives to better respect your sensitive skin.


Uriage has combined Uriage Thermal Water with numerous highly innovative active ingredients from biotechnological research. These patented active ingredients are included in many ranges (XÉMOSE, HYSÉAC, BARIÉDERM, etc.).


The products include the list of ingredients. For the visually impaired, the product name is written in braille on the packaging. Uriage also has a cosmetovigilance team.

Uriage products respond to the needs of all skin types, regardless of age, including the most sensitive.


Uriage Dermatological Laboratories join the dermo-cosmetic sector of the family-owned, international group, Puig.


Uriage Thermal Water spray and Uriage dermo-cosmetic skincare celebrate their 20th anniversary.


Uriage products are found in over 80 countries.