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Adult suncare diagnosis

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Welcome to your suncare diagnosis.

Before starting, let's get to know each other.

Hello, my name is Your first namePress enter

Hello , shall we start?

We're going to start by determining your sensitivity to the sun.

What skin color do you have?

Your eyes are…

What hair color do you have?

Understood. Let's continue

Do you have freckles?

Perfect. Now, we're going to talk about your reaction to the sun

How does your skin tan?

Your sensitive skin can be affected by possible minor concerns due to the sun

For you, sunburn occurs…

OK. The sun can also come with unwanted effects

Have you ever had skin problems caused by the sun?

Thank you . Just a few more questions

Do you have any sensitive areas that need special protection?

Let's move on to your conditions of exposure

Your level of exposure will be…

Now, all we need to look at are your habits and expectations

Your suncare priorities are…

OK, your response is noted. And to finish

Do you use separate suncare products for your face and body?

Thank you ! your suncare routine