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Legal Notice

This website is the property of Uriage Dermatological Laboratories (Laboratoires Dermatologiques d'Uriage), a limited liability company with a capital of 8 million euros, registered at the Companies Registration Office (RCS) of Nanterre under number 333502680, whose head office is located at 6–8, Boulevard du Parc, 92200 Neuilly-sur-Seine, France.

As CEO of the company, Sébastien Lucot is the managing editor of the Website.

The presentation and content of this Website are the exclusive property of Uriage Dermatological Laboratories or of third parties that have granted Uriage Dermatological Laboratories limited permission to use them.

Consequently, any total or partial use, copying, reproduction, publication, downloading, translation, display, transmission, or diffusion of this Website and any other form of transfer without the express authorization of Uriage Dermatological Laboratories is strictly prohibited, unless specifically authorized under applicable law, with the exception of use for press purposes.

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Limitation of Liability

Uriage Dermatological Laboratories cannot guarantee that the information contained on its website will always be exhaustive and up-to-date.

The information provided on this website is for general information purposes only; none of this information has contractual value.

The use of the information that is provided on this website is the sole responsibility of the User.

Uriage Dermatological Laboratories does not warrant that the website is secure and that it is free of harmful elements such as viruses.

This website contains information that mainly relates to the international activities of Uriage Dermatological Laboratories.

Consequently, it may contain information about products or services that are not available in the User’s country.

The website may also contain information relating to products or services that are only legally available under certain conditions, or which are only available under certain contractual conditions imposed on or by Uriage Dermatological Laboratories or any other affiliated entity.

The website is usually accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

However, Uriage Dermatological Laboratories has the right, at any time and without prior notice, to suspend, interrupt, or prevent access to all or any part of this website, particularly in the event of IT problems, technical difficulties, maintenance, or cases of force majeure.

Uriage Dermatological Laboratories shall not be liable to any User or third party for any direct, indirect, material, or immaterial damage suffered by the User’s information management system or any other system, or resulting from an impossibility to use or access the website.


No third party may create a hyperlink towards this website without prior written authorization from Uriage Dermatological Laboratories.

Uriage Dermatological Laboratories shall in no way be liable for any links on its website to third-party websites.

Data Protection and Privacy

Uriage Dermatological Laboratories may collect personal data about Users. In accordance with the French Data Protection Act of January 6, 1978, Users have the right to access, rectify, and delete personal data at any time ; these rights can be exercised by sending us a letter or an e-mail. Unless notified to the contrary, this data may be used for the purpose of gathering information about Users and updating them on the company’s activities.

Uriage Dermatological Laboratories shall maintain the confidentiality of all personal data transmitted by the User in connection with the use of the website.

Provided that Uriage Dermatological Laboratories obtains the prior and express consent of Users during data collection, the company may send newsletters to Users by e-mail.

Users are informed that "cookies" may be used.

Settling of Disputes and Applicable Law

The website is governed by the laws of the French Republic.

Any dispute or litigation relating to the website shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Tribunaux de Nanterre (the courts of Nanterre, France).


The provisions of this legal text are considered as being accepted in full by all Users of the website. This is mentioned on the website’s home page.

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