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CU-ZN+ Anti-Irritation Cream

Repair and Soothing Emulsion

(Skincare for sensitive skin, Skincare for combination skin, Skincare for dry skin, Skincare for very dry skin , Skincare for normal to dry skin)

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Face, Body

40ml Tube

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This soothing, purifying and repairing emulsion is specially formulated for treating dry, irritated skin prone to secondary infections.


Patented TLR2-Regul technology and Uriage Thermal Water soothe sensations of discomfort triggered by micro-organisms.


Copper and zinc gluconate limit bacterial proliferation.


Thanks to its oleo mineral bandage, the cream rapidly repairs and protects skin.



significant decrease in the intensity of nappy area irritation after 5 days of application.

Study conducted under pediatric control.

Active ingredients

  • Uriage Thermal Water
  • Patented TLR2-Regul Complex
  • Copper and Zinc Gluconates
  • Oleo mineral bandage
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Non-comedogenic
  • Fragrance-free


Apply to skin previously cleansed with CU-ZN+ gel nettoyant. Avoid contact with the eyes.


Reviews submitted : 2

I recommend this product to people with seborrheic dermatitis because not all moisturizers will control it but instead irritate the skin even more. Ive been using this product for a year now and it has helped a lot with controlling my seborrheic dermatitis and is also great for normal dry skin.

My skin is very sun damaged and prone to irritation but I have found cu-zn to be so soothing and rapid in repairing the blemishes. I know used as a base cream before using make up as recommended by my pharmacist many thanks for a fantastic product I wish I had years ago.

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